Saturday 27 January 2007

adjectives -ed or -ing

It is common to confuse adjectives such as bored/boring, excited/exciting.

If we look at the example: excited/ing

excited is an adjective that describes when someone feels happy and enthusiastic about something.

For example: She was so excited that she couldn't sleep.

exciting is an adjective that means something is making you excited.

For example: The football match was so exciting that she couldn't wait to tell everyone about it.

Here is a list of adjectives with Czech translations

Verb Adjectives

bore nudit
bored znuděný
boring nudný
shock šokovat
shocked šokovaný
shocking šokující
surprise překvapit
surprised překvapený
surprising překvapivý
interest zajímat
interested mající zájem
interesting zajímavý
worry znepokojovat
worried znepokojený
worrying znepokojující
annoy rozčilovat
annoyed rozčilený
annoying rozčilující
irritate iritovat
irritated iritovaný
irritating iritující
embarrass uvádět do rozpaků
embarrassed v rozpacích
embarrassing rozpačitý, trapný
relax uvolnit
relaxed uvolněný
relaxing uklidňující
depress deprimovat/i>
depressed v depresi
depressing depresivní
excite vzrušovat
excited vzrušený, nadšený
exciting vzrušující
thrill uchvátit
thrilled uchvácený
thrilling napínavý
frighten děsit
frightened vyděšený
frightening děsivý
disappoint zklamat
disappointed zklamaný
disappointing zklamávající


  1. What are we going to do tonight? I'm so (bored/boring) just sitting here watching TV. Let's go out and do something (exciting/excited)
  2. Did you watch that (interesting/interested) documentary on TV last night?
  3. John hates working in a bank, he isn't (interested/interesting) in banking at all.
  4. The (surprised/surprising) fact that almost 20% of Americans are obese is, in part, due to the fact that they eat too much junk food.
  5. His abilities were so (amazed/amazing) that people travelled from far away to hear him play.
  6. I am very (disappointed/disappointing) that you came home so late.
  7. I was very (depressed/depressing) in 2006, when England didn't win the World Cup.
  8. Do you find that so (surprised/surprising)?
  9. I'd really hate to seem him lose his job because of his (shocked/shocking) lack of preparation.
  10. One of his favorite colours is (shocked/shocking) pink.

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