Monday 22 January 2007

if I will/would

A common mistake is using will or would straight after if.

For example

"If I will go to the party, I will drink a lot" or
"If I would meet him, I will be happy"

These sentences are conditional sentences, and as a rule you should not use will or would in the same section (clause) as if.

First conditional (containing will) is used to express future predictions:

If + present simple,.... will

"If I go on holiday this year, I will need a new passport" (will is used in the second part of the sentence)

Second conditional (containing would) is used to talk about imaginary future situations:

If + past simple,.... would

"If I won the lottery, I would buy a house in Vinohrady"

Test Yourself

1 What would you do if it on your wedding day?
2 If she comes I call you.
3 If I eat peanut butter I sick.
4 What will you do if you the history exam?
5 If he so much TV, he would be a lot more healthy .
6 If it snows still drive to the coast?
7 He with you if you ask him.
8 If I won a million dollars I my own airplane.
9 If I forget her birthday Andrea upset.
10 Jacob will pick you up at school if it .

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