Wednesday 21 February 2007

Ask About English!!! Q14: 'how much do you..''

Hi, Please tell me which one is correct gramatically?

1)How much you know him?
2)How much do you know him?


Hi Brajesh,

The second sentence is correct, because in this direct question you have to use the auxiliary verb 'do'.

However I would just like to make a few points about usage:

1. In an indirect question 'do' is not necessary:
Could you tell me how much you know him?

2. When speaking native speakers often miss out auxiliary verbs so:
How much do you know him? could be spoken How much you know him?
(for more examples of spoken contractions click here)

3. I think there are some better alternatives to the questions:
How well do you know him? is much more common
or How much do you know about him?

Thanks for your question


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