Friday 2 February 2007

Ask About English! Q5: 'safe'

Dear Matt

The online dictionary of UK slang ( says that "Safe!" can
mean "Thanks!" and can also be a form of greeting. I would be grateful if
you could give me some examples in context.


Dear Holger,

Safe has many meanings:


"Oh there he man!"
"You going now? Alright safe"

This is sometimes accompanied by making a closed fist with your hand and touching the other persons fist to greet them.

2)Thanks or to signify agreement:
"who wants nachos?" "yeah safe"

3)A cool person:
"Tom lent me an album, he's safe"

It can also generally mean: Friendly/Decent, Good/Quality/Fun, Awesome/Brilliant/Great.

Its usage originates from inner-city black communities in the UK, and is probably of Carribean origin.

I hope this helps.


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