Thursday 15 February 2007

Czenglish: A Summary of Some Common Errors

Below there are twelve lines that contain many errors. Most of them are classic Czenglish, others are less common.


Possible English Version

1. We have been eating the lunch, remembering the old good times, when she went into.

1. We were having lunch, reminiscing about the good old days when she walked in.

2. Oh my god, my wallet’s away. Who could do this? Entered anyone into the room?

2. Oh my God, my wallet’s gone. Who could have taken it? Did anyone enter the room?

3. According to you maybe Jimmie is sympatic, but according to me no.

3. You may think of Jimmie as a nice guy but I most certainly don’t.

4. George is an excellent cooker, he can get ready every food in ten other ways.

4. George is an excellent cook, he can prepare each meal in ten different ways.

5. Mark is just lazy to go play tennis, nothing more. There’s no strange disease in it.

5. Mark is simply too lazy to go play tennis, there’s no strange disease.

6. What time is? — It will be nine. — Well, we’d rather knock out ;-)

6. What time is it? – Almost nine. – Well, we’d better get going.

7. I think we don’t know each other with Andrew. But maybe I know him from seeing.

7. I don’t think Andrew and I have met. Although I may know him by sight.

8. Just you don’t give the dish under the table; in the opposite case it will eat the cat.

8. Just don’t put the dish under the table, otherwise the cat will eat it. (or it will get eaten by the cat)

9. I still can’t explain my father why we should drive by my instructions.

9. I haven’t been able to explain to my father why we should follow my instructions.

10. I look stupid? — If you look stupid? As for me, in my opinion I think that yes.

10. Do I look stupid? – Do you look stupid? Yeah, I think so.

11. Steinbeck belongs to my most favourite writers. His books I always liked.

11. Steinbeck is one of my favourite writers. I’ve always liked his books.

12. You seem boring. Do you rather to go to home? — I think not. I enjoy to be here. It is good for me now.

12. You seem bored. Would you rather go home now? – No, I enjoy being here. I’m having a good time.

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