Sunday 1 April 2007

Ask About English Q34: 'the emphatic do'


I´d like to know why some English people use this form of sentence:

"I did live in London" instead of "I lived in London".

I was always learned that the past time is lived,... not 'did live' for positive sentence.

Thank you very much!


This use of do is called the emphatic do. It is used as emphasis and has many uses in English:

1. To add emphasis to an entire sentence:

"He does like spinach. He really does!"

2. To add emphasis to an imperative:

"Do come in." (actually softens the command)

3. To add emphasis to a frequency adverb:

"He never did understand his father."
"She always does manage to hurt her mother's feelings."

4. To contradict a negative statement:

"You didn't do your homework, did you?" "Oh, but I did finish it."

5. To ask a clarifying question about a previous negative statement:

"Ridwell didn't take the tools." "Then who did take the tools?"

6. To indicate a strong concession:

"Although the Clintons denied any wrong-doing, they did return some of the gifts."

Hope this helps


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