Friday 18 May 2007

Phrasal Verbs: make

make * out decipher I can't make out your handwriting. What does this say?
make * out + write a check or other document Who should I make this check out to?
make out succeed He really made out in the stock market last year.
make out progress How is your son making out in his new job?
make out kiss passionately I saw Benno and Isabelle making out in the movie theater last night!
make out with + kiss someone passionately Did you make out with Sally?
make * over do again The teacher made me do my homework over.
make * up + invent ( a story) Don't believe anything she says. She always makes things up.
make * up + complete what was missed Fortunately, my professor let me make up the exam I missed yesterday.
make * up + put on cosmetics I takes me 10 minutes to make my face up.
make up reconcile You two have been friends for so long that I think you should make up.
make up for + compensate for Allen made up for being late by getting me flowers.

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