Thursday 17 May 2007

Phrase of the Day 83: 'ring a bell'

"it rings a bell"

definition: to sound familiar; to call something to mind;

(připomínat něco, být nějak povědomé)

"I don't remember meeting him, but the name Matt Ford rings a bell."

Bells such as the type used in churches are large and loud. Their sound can be heard from a great distance. Bells sound a single, clear note so their sound is distinctive and not easily confused.

Before electric sirens and amplification systems, bells were a valuable way to alertpeople of important events. Bells were used to signal people of the start of events such as a church service, the start of school, or a celebration. The bells acted as a reminder of the start of the event for people who had no clock or watch. Someone would literally ring a bell as a reminder.

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