Sunday 10 June 2007

AAE Q67: 'how do you do?'


I would like to ask you - When can I use the phrase:"How do you do!"
When I meet someone for the first time, or when I meet an old friend, or my boss?
Isn´t the phrase a bit old-fashioned, too?

Thanks for answer.



The phrase "How do you do?" is similar to saying "Nice to meet you" or "Pleased to meet you" and is used when you meet someone for the first time (when you are being introduced to someone). I think the phrase is quite old-fashioned and I personally have never used it. In this situation I normally say "Pleased to meet you".

Hope this helps


Hi Matt,

how shall I politely react on "How do you do"?

Some time ago we learnt at school that when somebody says it to you you should only repeat it and that´s all...So where´s the kernel of Poodle :-D


Hi Roman,

You are correct that it is most common to reply with

"How do you do?"

However it is also fine to reply with the phrase

"Pleased to meet you".


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