Wednesday 13 June 2007

AAE Q70: 'Have a good day'

Hello Matt,

I would like to ask you - Is it usual or common to use "Have a good day"?

What is the actual meaning of this phrase?

Thanks for your answer.


Hi Mirek,

From my experience the phrase "Have a good day!" is quite common. In fact, I use it almost everyday in the morning when I say goodbye to my students. Practically it means: "Have a good 'rest of the' day.

  • Jana: Goodbye, see you next week.
  • John: Bye and have a good day!
  • Jana: Thanks, you too

It may also be used to end an informal e-mail or sms, for example:

That's fine. See you tomorrow at 5pm. Have a good day! Matt

Hope this helps


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