Wednesday 11 July 2007

AAE Q81: 'to rock'


I get stuck with the word "rock". Like 'rock your body', 'rock your desktop'.

What does it mean?

The didn`t help me.


Hi Lubos

The verb 'to rock' has many unusual meanings
  • to daze with or as if with a vigorous blow: 'a hard right rocked the contender'
  • to astonish or disturb greatly: 'the scandal rocked the community'
  • to rouse to excitement (as by performing rock music): 'the band rocked the crowd'
  • to sing, dance to, or play rock music: 'rock your body'
  • to be extremely enjoyable, pleasing, or effective: 'her new car rocks'. 'rock your desktop'
Therefore I would say that 'rock your body' often means 'dance' and 'rock your desktop' means to improve your desktop (make it enjoyable and 'cool')

Hope this helps


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