Monday 22 October 2007

AAE 102: advise + gerund/infinitve


I'd like to ask you a question. In my English grammar book is stated that after the verb ADVISE follows gerund or object and infinitive. But another book states that the verb ADVISE can be followed only by TO+Infinitive of verb.

Which possibility is correct?



After the verb advise there are two possible structures:
  • Gerund: verb + -ing:
They advise walking to town.
  • Infinitive: verb + person + to-infinitive:
They advise us to walk to town.

Other verbs which follow this pattern are below:

allow They do not allow smoking here.
They do not allow us to smoke here.
encourage They encourage doing the test.
They encourage us to do the test.
permit They do not permit smoking here.
They do not permit us to smoke here.

Hope this helps


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