Sunday 25 November 2007

AAE Q110: 'Filipinos'


Why do Filipinos uses English too?



The reason for this is that the Philippines became a colony of the United States. In 1898, Spain gave control of the Philippines to the United States under the 'Treaty of Paris'; the Americans controlled the Philippines until it gained its independence in 1946. By the time of the Japanese occupation of World War II, English had become so entrenched as an official language that official proclamations and currency were issued in English as well as Japanese and Tagalog. The Americans established a system of public education where English was used as the main language of instruction. After independence, the Philippine government continued public education in English, while simultaneously establishing Filipino as its national language. A parallel system of private schools, many of which were established by the Catholic and the Protestant churches, follows the dual-language system, although private schools tend to use English more than Filipino in their instruction.


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