Sunday 9 December 2007

AAE Q113: 'tasteless British food'


I want to know why and in what point in history was/ is British food considered as bad?

What is it that it makes it so "tasteless"?

Thank you



Please see my article on British Cuisine here.

Problem the most relevant part is this:
Unfortunately a great deal of damage was done to British cuisine during the two world wars. Britain is an island and supplies of many goods became short. The war effort used up goods and services and so less were left over for private people to consume. Ships importing food had to travel in convoys and so they could make fewer journeys. During the second world war food rationing began in January 1940 and was lifted only gradually after the war.The British tradition of stews, pies and breads, according to the taste buds of the rest of the world, went into decline.

British food does definitely have a bad reputation still, particularly abroad. However I personally think that it has improved. Most people today consider our 'national dish' to be 'curry'...and that definitely is not tasteless.

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