Monday 3 March 2008

AAE Q131: 'cool'


What does 'cool' mean?


Cool has many meanings:

1. fairly cold: somewhat cold, usually pleasantly so

2. staying calm: staying calm or not showing emotions, especially nervousness or fear

3. fashionable: fashionable and sophisticated ( informal ): looking cool

4. unfriendly: unfriendly or unenthusiastic: They gave us a somewhat cool reception.

5. emphasizing sum of money: used to emphasize how large a sum of money is ( slang ):
a cool $3.2 million

6. excellent: used to indicate approval or admiration ( slang ): a cool idea

7. OK: used to indicate agreement or acceptance ( slang ): That's cool, no problem.

8. seeming cold: giving an impression of coldness: a cool mint green

9. keeping temperature low: made of fabric that keeps the body at a pleasant temperature when it is hot


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