Wednesday 9 September 2009

List of English prefixes

List of English prefixes

Prefix Meaning Example
A-/an- lacking in, lack of asexual, anemic
A- verb > predicative adjective with progressive aspect afloat, atremble
Ante- before antebellum, antediluvian
Anti- against anti-war, antivirus, anti-human
Arch- supreme, highest, worst arch-rival, archangel
Be- equipped with, covered with, beset with (pejorative or facetious) bedeviled, becalm, bedazzle, bewitch
Co- joint, with, accompanying co-worker, coordinator, cooperation
Counter- against, in opposition to counteract, counterpart
De- reverse action, get rid of de-emphasise
Dis- not, opposite of disloyal, disagree
Dis- reverse action, get rid of disconnect, disinformation
En-/em- to make into, to put into, to get into enmesh, empower
Ex- former ex-husband, ex-boss, ex-colleague
Fore- before forearm, forerunner
In-/il-/im-/ir- not, opposite of inexact, irregular
Inter- between, among interstate, interact
Mal- bad(ly) malnourish
Mid- middle midlife
Mini- small minimarket, mini-room
Mis- wrong, astray misinformation, misguide
Out- better, faster, longer, beyond outreach, outcome
Over- too much overreact, overact
Pan- all, worldwide pan-African
Post- after post-election, post-graduation
Pre- before pre-election, pre-enter
Pro- for, on the side of pro-life
Re- again, back rerun
Self- self self-sufficient
Step- family relation by remarriage stepbrother
Trans- across, from one place to another transatlantic
Twi- two twibill, twilight
Ultra- beyond, extremely ultraviolet, ultramagnetic
Un- not, opposite of unnecessary, unequal
Un- reverse action, deprive of, release from undo, untie
Under- below, beneath, lower in grade/dignity, lesser, insufficient underachieve, underground, underpass
Vice- deputy vice-president, vice-principal
With- against withstand
Afro- relating to Africa Afro-American
Ambi- both ambitendency
Amphi- two, both, on both sides amphiaster, amphitheater, amphibian
An-, a- not, without anemic, asymmetric
Ana-/an- up, against anacardiaceous, anode
Anglo- relating to England Anglo-Norman
Ante- before antenatal
Anti- opposite anti-clockwise
Apo- away, different from apomorphine
Astro- star astrobiology
Auto- self autobiography, automatic
Bi- two bicycle
Bio- biological biodegrade
Circum- around circumnavigate
Cis- on this side of cislunar
Con-/com-/col-/cor-/co- together or with confederation, commingle, colleague, correlation, cohabit
Contra- opposite contradict
Cryo- ice cryogenics
Crypto- hidden, secret cryptography
De- down depress
Demi- half demigod
Demo- people demography
Di- two dioxide
Dis-, di-, dif- apart differ, dissect
Down- to make something lesser, lower or worse downgrade
Du-/duo- two duet
Eco- ecological ecosystem
Electro- electric, electricity electro-analysis
Epi- upon, at, close upon, in addition epidermis
Euro- European Eurocentric
Ex-, e-, ef- out of export
Extra- outside extracurricular
Fin- kinship affinity
Franco- French, France Francophile
Geo- relating to the earth or its surface geography
Hetero- different heterosexual
Hemi- half hemimorphic
Homo- same homosexual
Hydro- relating to water, or using water hydroelectricity
Hyper- above, over hyperthermia
Hypo- under or below something, low hypothermia
Ideo- image, idea ideograph
Idio- individual, personal, unique idiolect
In- in, into insert
Indo- relating to the Indian subcontinent Indo-European
Infra- below, beneath infrared
Inter- among, between intercede
Intra- inside, within intravenous
Iso- equal isochromatic
Macr(o)- long macrobiotic
Maxi- very long, very large maxi-skirt
Mega-, megalo- great, large megastar, megalopolis
Meta- after, along with, beyond, among, behind meta-theory
Micro- small microbacillus
Midi- medium-sized midi-length
Mon(o)- sole, only monogamy
Multi- many multi-storey
Neo- new neolithic
Non- not nonexistent
Omni- all omnipotent, omnipresent
Paleo- old paleolithic
Para- beside, beyond parallel
Ped-/pod- foot pedestrian, podiatrist
Per- through, completely, wrongly, exceedingly permeate, permute
Peri- around periphrase
Photo- light, photography, photograph photoelectric
Poly- many polygon
Post- after postpone
Pre- before predict
Preter- beyond, past, more than preternatural
Pro- substitute, deputy proconsul
Pro- before procambium
Pros- toward prosthesis
Proto- first, original protoplasm, prototype
Pseudo- false, imitation pseudonym
Pyro- fire pyrokinetic
Quasi- partly, almost, appearing to be but not really quasi-religious
Retro- backwards retrograde
Semi- half semicircle
Socio- society, social, sociological sociopath
Sub-, su-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sur-, sus- below, under submerge, success, support, surreptitious, suspect, sustain
Super- above, over supervisor
Supra- above, over suprarenal
Sur- above, over surname, surreal, surrender
Syn-, sy-, syl-, sym-, sys- together, with synthesis, symbol, syllable, system
Tele- at a distance television
Trans- across transverse
Tri- three tricycle
Ultra- beyond ultraviolet
Uni- one unicycle
Up- to make something greater, higher, or better upgrade


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