Monday 19 February 2007

Ask About English!!! Q10: newest words

Dear AAE

What are the last 5 newest words in English?.


Dear Omar,

It is a very difficult question, as words are continually entering the language.

Here are the most recent entries to the Oxford English Dictionary, which were entered on 14th December 2006.

I have decided to choose five from this list, and define them

corporatization, n.: a form of economic reform which takes services from the direct control of the government, and places them in the control of government-owned corporations.

insourcing, n.: the opposite of outsourcing, that is, a service performed in-house.

n.: a person who is actively seeking work

thigh-high, adv., adj., and n.: reaching up to the thighs, a sock or stocking that extends to cover part of the thigh.

v.: a broadcast of an event or a recording of an event over the World Wide Web

If you are looking for spoken English examples here is a slang dictionary (double-tongued) which lists the last five entries into its database:

shack-wacky adj., exploding offer n., walkshed n., gravy plane n. motarded adj.

Thanks for your question


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