Monday 19 February 2007

Phrase of the Day! 29: 'manky'

"that looks/is really manky!"

definition of manky: dirty and very used.


suggested usage: You might not want to use this word on a job interview but it does allow you to give "dirty" and "used" a rest, down at the pub.

example: "Now, now, don't cry. Use my tissue. I'm afraid it is a bit manky. Sorry."

origin: Old French manc, manque via Scottish. Originally from Latin mancus "maimed." The underlying root is *man-ko- "maimed in the hand." Akin to English "mangle" and Sanskrit manak "little." The root, man- is the same as that in Latin manus "hand," which appears in numerous English borrowings: "manual (by hand)," "manipulate," "manuscript," "manicure," etc.

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