Sunday 1 April 2007

The power of the verb GET

In spoken English we use the verb get a lot, so I decided to try and write a story which uses only the verb get.

Please find the definitions of most of the phrasal verbs used here

The following brief story is the result (sorry that it is a bit depressing)

I get up very early, well the sound of the neighbours car alarm gets me up. As usual I get into the shower, get dressed and get myself a black coffee with a couple of pieces of burnt toast. I haven't got any mail in the post except for a few bits of junk mail. I never did get along with people; I can never get across my positive side, so unsurprisingly, I haven't got any birthday cards, again.

I won't get depressed about it though. More importantly right now: I got extremely drunk last night and I've got a bad can I get through the day at work? Hmmm maybe I could get out of work altogether, after all I might be getting a cold....or perhaps I should just get on with my normal daily routine....I get another coffee...I should probably get out into the fresh air before I get too comfortable at home.

Eventually I get round to leaving for work but it's getting cold for this time of year so I quickly get on my hat and coat. I get into the car and finally get off. I get to work late but I get away with it because when I get there everyone has got down to work already. To be honest nobody has got the time of day for me at work anyway but I have always got by without many's nothing to get bothered about. At least my ex-girlfriend has recently got sacked from our office so I am, at last, getting over her. I get a call from a client; he gets angry; I can't get my point through to him; he gets angrier; I'm getting a headache so eventually he happily gets put through to my manager. I'll be getting into trouble. I must get another job, or maybe get a life perhaps.

I'll get through the day; I'll never get ahead, but I will always get by. I'll get my head down early tonight, yeah, I'll get an early night........

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