Sunday 1 April 2007

Ask About English Q33: 'a good book'

hi there :)

Can I say ..this book really got me? in the meaning that I was really exciting n enjoying reading this book ( the story)

and one more..he found himself being a good cook for example :) is it correct??

thank you soo much for these sites :)
keep up...


If you are really enjoying a book there are a few expressions you can use.

"I am really into it"
"I can't put it down"
"It's compulsive reading"

It is possible to say "the book got to me" but this means that the book affected me or it made a strong impression on me.

Regarding your second question this form is fine, although it depends on the context:

"he found himself being a good cook"

This, to me, suggests that he was surprised he was being a good cook because normally or previously he was a bad cook.

I hope this answers your question



Unknown said...

can you say its a page turner too?

Matt Ford said...

Yes, I forgot that one.

'It's a page turner"