Monday 25 July 2011

AAE Q157: 'so have I, 'so do I'


I came across this problem when studying grammar of 'So do I', 'Neither do I'.

If there is a verb 'have got' in a asentence, e.g. "I have got lots of sweets.", what is the auxiliary that I have to repeat when I want to agree.

Is it: 'So have I', or 'so do I'? And what happens in the negative, e.g. I haven't got many friends. Is it: 'Neither have I' or 'neither do I'?

Thank you for answering me.


Hi Eva,
  • "I have got lots of sweets."
  • "So have I"
  • "I haven't got many friends"
  • "Neither have I"

In both sentences the auxiliary verb is 'have'.


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